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eXoZZT Title Screen

eXoZZT is a collection of user generated ZZT worlds based on picks from the Museum of ZZT.


Upon launch the user is prompted with 2 lists.

Dr. DOS's Best of ZZT

The creator of the Museum of ZZT created a Best of ZZT list in April of 2018. These worlds, and their descriptions, have been added using the same categories as assigned by Dr. DOS. This includes:

  • Traditional - ZZT Worlds that represent the best traditional designs and elements
  • Technical - ZZT Worlds which push the engine to its limits and invoke clever uses
  • Impossible - Games the defy the ZZT engine and shouldn't even be able to run
  • Artistic - Games which push style and aesthetic to new heights within the engine.
  • Best of Modern - Newer ZZT games
    • Story Focused Worlds
    • Technical Focused Worlds
    • Charming Worlds
    • Absurd Worlds
    • Quick Worlds
    • Honorable Mentions

Museum of ZZT: Featured Worlds

A list of world's from the Museum of ZZT Featured Worlds list. This includes 108 worlds listed alphabetically.