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Manuals refer to either scanned documents included with the game, or text files distributed with digital downloads.

Naming & Location

Manuals are named with the same file name as the game's launch file and zip file. They are placed in the .\manuals\<platform>\ folder. LaunchBox will automatically detect any manual that matches a game and link it within the front end. However the database tool we use to manage the xml also hardcodes these values to avoid improper links.


Actual scanned manuals are preferred over digital recreations or type downs. Submissions for enhanced quality manuals may be made via the github or our discord channel in the missing_manuals channel. Actual replacement of the file is left to the discretion of staff.

Extra Materials

Many games included other physical documentation or pack ins beyond the manual. Reference cards, posters, catalogs, warranty cards, addendums, and install instructions that are separate from the manual are included in the extras folder under the games launch folder. These are linked in LaunchBox as additional applications.