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Some game series allowed the user to transfer their progress from one game to the next. Generally this was done by either copying your save game from one game to another, or by pointing the newer game to your old save. The eXoDOS project has attempted to identify all games which supported this feature, and enabled it on a game by game basis.


When launching one of the games mention below, an option to transfer your save game will be present on the main menu.

As each game's methodology is a bit different, specific instructions are provided to assist the user in the process.

List of Supported Games

Ancients 1: Death Watch
Ancients II: Approaching Evil
Breach 2
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Champions of Krynn
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Dark Designs I: Grelminar's Staff
Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager
Death Knights of Krynn
Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor
Gateway to the Savage Frontier
Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of Infinity
Ishar: Legend of the Fortress
Omnitrend's Paladin II
Pagan: Ultima VIII
Pool of Radiance
Pools of Darkness
Quest for Glory 4½: So You Thought You Were a Hero?
Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire
Quest for Glory III: Wages of War
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession
Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
Realms of Arkania: Star Trail
Roadwar Europa
Secret of the Silver Blades
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace
Tales of the Unknown: Volume I - The Bard's Tale
The Bard's Tale Construction Set
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate
The Dark Queen of Krynn
The Magic Candle II: The Four and Forty
The Magic Candle III
The Magic Candle: Volume 1
Treasures of the Savage Frontier
Ultima VI: The False Prophet
Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent Isle + The Silver Seed
Ultima VII: The Black Gate + Forge of Virtue
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams
Unlimited Adventures
Wing Commander II: Deluxe Edition
Wing Commander: Deluxe Edition
Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom
Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge
Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant
Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario
Wizardry: Legacy of Llylgamyn - The Third Scenario
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
World of Aden: Thunderscape
Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire