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Ultimapper 5 is a companion app for Ultima 5. It displays a HUD above the game window, and a map of the player’s current location — in a town, dungeon, the Underworld, or Britannia — in another window beside the game window. The map can either be set to be completely revealed, or to be uncovered “fog of war”-style as the player explores. The HUD, meanwhile, displays the current party, and the stats for each member thereof.

It also includes a few helpful features, such as an automatic level-up feature that raises the level of a character who accrues enough experience, and also assigns one attribute point randomly. A (somewhat more experimental) auto-combat feature is also included; the limited AI thereof does not use spells in combat, though it can switch weapons based on the kind of adversary being faced. Also included are a few debug — read: cheat — functions, such as teleporting, a dialogue viewer, time control, and a character editor.


  • Shows the map of the current location (world, underworld, town, dungeon). You can play as these areas were already explored, or set them as unexplored and to be revealed as you move.
  • HUD which shows HP, MP, status, experience, class and level, attributes and equipment.
  • Optional spell list. Can be used to mix spells.
  • Optional inventory list.
  • Optional auto level up. When you have enough experience points, your character or a party member automatically gains a level and a random attribute point.
  • Optional (and very experimental) quickfight (autocombat). Knows how to switch weapons if needed but does not use spells. Implemented by sending keypresses to the game window. Read the manual information on quickfight before using.
  • Debug functions: teleporting, character editor, dialogue script viewing, time forwarding.