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Unlimited Adventures was a role-playing construction kit, designed to allow users to create their own games similar to the D&D Gold Box releases.

This project, within eXoDOS, sought to take user modules and make them easy to launch.


The ability to access the user created modules is presented when the main Unlimited Adventures game is launched. If user designed modules are selected, DOSBox is booted into the mod folder and the following options will appear:

Sound Card Selection

A choice of SoundBlaster or Roland MT-32 is presented


Modules are split in series. The following series are available:

Forgotten Realms

Modules include:

  • Adventures in Tethyr
  • Anarchy in Waterdeep
  • AT1: Dark Alliance
  • Crusade: Myth Drannor
  • Dwelling in Darkness
  • FR1: Night of the Basilisk
  • Genesis Gate
  • Hillsfar
  • HOS1: The Heroes of Shadalar
  • Kill the Heroes of Phlan!
  • Avenge Dracandros!
  • Lifegiver
  • The Temple Of Elemental Evil
  • One Neverwinter Night
  • Neverwinter Nights Offline


Modules include:

  • Ghost Tower of Inverness
  • Night Below: An Underdark Campaign
  • Queen of the Demonweb Pits
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Scourge of the Slave Lords
  • Secret of the Brotherhood
  • The Hidden Tower
  • The Goblins of Terady
  • Tomb of Horrors


Modules include:

  • Dark Wizardry Chapter 1: The Road to Gargath
  • DL1: Dragons of Despair
  • DLANCE1: Dragons of Despair
  • The Royal Guard: Faithful Beyond Death

Planescape & Spelljammer

Modules include:

  • A War Story
  • Dead Gods: Out of the Darkness
  • Hellbound: The Blood War
  • Khin-Oin: The Wasting Tower
  • March of the Machines
  • Missions
  • The Armageddon War
  • The Devil You Know
  • The Eternal Boundary
  • The Quest for Power

Ravenloft & Horror

Modules include:

  • Book of Crypts #1: The Bride of Mordenheim
  • Harvest of Sorrow
  • Hunted: a Ravenloft Adventure
  • Oddities
  • Secret Nocturnes
  • Ravenloft: Necessary Evil
  • Reign of Terror
The Grand Conjunction Series
  • Night Of The Walking Dead
  • Touch Of Death
  • Feast Of Goblyns
  • Ship Of Horrors
  • From the Shadows

The Realm Series

Modules include:

  • Game00: Introduction to the Realm
  • Game01, A1-4, Aerie of the Slave Lords (for lvls 6-8)
  • Game02, B2, The Keep on the Borderlands (for lvl 1)
  • Game03, B3, Palace of the Silver Princess (for lvls 3-5)
  • Game04, B4, The Lost City (for lvls 3-5)
  • Game05, B6, The Veiled Society (for lvl 1)
  • Game06, B8, Journey to the Rock (for lvl 1-3)
  • Game07, B10, Assault on Raven's Ruin (for lvls 1-3)
  • Game08, B11-12, Harvest of Chaos (for lvls 1-3)
  • Game09, C1, Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan (for lvls 6-8)
  • Game10, C2, The Ghost Tower of Inverness (for lvls 5-8)
  • Game11, C3, The Lost Tower of Castanamir (for lvls 3-5)
  • Game12, C4-C5, The Prophecy of Brie Series (for lvls 4-7)
  • Game13, Death's Ride (for lvls 12-15)
  • Game14, The Endless Stair (for lvls 10-14)
  • Game15, FA2, Nightmare Keep (for lvls 15-18)
  • Game16, FRQ2, Hordes of Dragonspear (for lvls 10-12)
  • Game17, G1-3, Against the Giants (for lvls 17-20)
  • Game18, GA2, Swamplight (for lvls 6-8)
  • Game19, GA3, Tales of Enchantment (for lvls 5-8)
  • Game20, I2, Tomb of the Lizard King (for lvls 5-7)
  • Game21, I6, Ravenloft (for lvls 5-7)
  • Game22, I7, Baltron's Beacon (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game23, S1, Tomb of Horrors (for lvls 10-14)
  • Game24, S2, White Plume Mountain (for lvls 5-10)
  • Game25, S4 + WG4, Tsojcanth and Tharizdun (for lvls 6-10)
  • Game26, T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil (for lvls 1-9)
  • Game27, U1, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (for lvls 1-3)
  • Game28, UK1, Beyond the Crystal Cave (for lvls 4-7)
  • Game29, X1, The Isle of Dread (for lvls 3-7)
  • Game30, X2, Castle Amber (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game31, X3, Curse of Xanathon (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game32, X7, The War Rafts of Kron (for lvls 9-12)
  • Game33, X8, Drums on Fire Mountain (for lvls 5-8)
  • Game34, B5, Horror on the Hill (for lvls 3-5)
  • Game35, REF5, Lords of Darkness, "Skeletons" (for lvls 1)
  • Game36, REF5, Lords of Darkness, "Lich" (for lvls 11-13)
  • Game37, Dungeon! A Board Game (for lvls 12-14)
  • Game38, H1-3, The Bloodstone Wars (for lvls 12-15)
  • Game39, Pool of Radiance (for lvls 1-9)
  • Game40, Curse of the Azure Bonds (for lvls 5-11)
  • Game41, Knight of Newts (for lvls 1-3)
  • Game42, Quest for the Silver Sword (for lvls 2-4)
  • Game43, Rage of the Rakasta (for lvls 1-3)
  • Game44, Red Hand Trail (for lvls 2-4)
  • Game45, Trouble Below (for lvls 2-4)
  • Game46, Palace of Dread (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game47, The Haunted Tower (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game48, Wild Dragon Den (for lvls 3-5)
  • Game49, Wyrmhaven (for lvls 4-6)
  • Game50, League of the Red Serpent (for lvls 5-7)
  • GameR1, Raethor's Prize (for lvls 7-9)
  • GameR2, Night in Daelwyn's Rest (for lvls 3-5)
  • GameR3, Early Winter, Fires of Spring (for lvls 10-14)
  • GameR10, A Series of Mysterious Events (for lvl 1)

Compatible with "The Realm"

Modules include:

  • B9: Castle Caldwell and Beyond, Chapter 1 & 2 (for lvl 1)
Judge's Guild Series
  • The Caverns of Thracia (for lvls 4-10)
  • Tegel Manor (for lvls 5-7)
  • Dark Tower (for lvls 8-11)
  • Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (for lvls 10-12)
  • Citadel of Fire (for lvls 12-14)

The Realms Olde Adventures Campaign

Modules include:

  • Olde Adventures
  • Eldritch Adventures
  • Arcane Trials
  • The Ravens Return
  • Legendary Descent
  • Epic Ascension

The Far West Series

Modules include:

  • West01: The Mystery of Greylorne
  • West02: To Thee, I Bequeathe...
  • West03: Iron, Mine
  • West04: Grimm Tales
  • West05: Tower of the Mad Hierophant
  • West06: Catacombs of the Old One
  • West07: The Long Journey Home
  • West08: War
  • West09: Brother's Keeper

Oriental Adventures

Modules include:

  • Daimyo Okada: Special Edition
  • Fire & Water
  • The Topaz Championship
  • Unspoken Dream
  • An Oriental Alphabet Primer
  • Grouchy Old Man
  • Kitsune: A Fox's Revenge
  • The Snow Woman's Daughters
  • The Tale of Twin Dragons: Part I - Born of Water, Bathed in Flame
  • The Tale of Twin Dragons: Part II - Flight of Fury
  • Toudai-Oni

Superhero, Cartoons, & Anime

Modules include:

  • Dark Day for Liberty
  • Doom Patrol: Crawling from the Wreckage
  • Guard-Aeon
  • Major Mystery Serial Chapter 1: To Smell a Rat
  • Man-Storm
  • Marshal Mars: Mars In Misalignment
  • Masters of the Universe: The Smell of Fear
  • Superdead
  • Superman Robot Number 6
  • TMNT1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1
  • The Adventures of Wonder Woman Ep. 1: A Ticklish Situation
  • The Untimers, Issue #1: "ParadoXikill!"
  • X-Anime
  • X-Men 1: Dark Phoenix
  • Yu-Yu Hakusho: Blood On A Red, Red Rose

Modern & Sci-Fi

Modules include:

  • Buck Rogers XXV: The Chaos Factor
  • The Crawling Chaos (Call of Cthulu)
  • For the Glory of the Empire
  • Fury
  • G.P.C.P.
  • G.P.C.P. 2
  • GW1: Legion of Gold
  • Leather Gear: Episode One - The Adventure of Gas
  • Method to Madness
  • Tales from the Empire Pt. 1: The Florine Incident
  • The Last Days of Autumn
  • The Stars are Right!
  • Werewolf - The Apocalypse: Shadow of the Wyrm

Sword & Sandal

Modules include:

  • The Adventures Of Machiste


Modules include:

  • A Serious Roleplaying Adventure
  • A Tale of Two Cities : A Short Introduction to Neatsville
  • Batteries Not Included: Chapter 1
  • Batteries Not Included: Chapter 2
  • Batteries Not Included: Chapter 3
  • Batteries Not Included: Chapter 4
  • Quest for the Final Unity
  • Quest for the Sword of the Things
  • Quest 3
  • Ring of the Lords
  • Save the Princess
  • Spice Wars
  • Test of the Paladins
  • The Curse of Yezukriis
  • Yezukriis II: Goosed by the Geas
  • Yezukriis III: Lifestyle of the Lich and Famous
  • Yezu 4: Scandal at Guano Gate

Through the Eyes of...

Modules include:

  • Legacy of the Dragon
  • Dragon Fodder Strikes Back!
  • Four Evils
  • Heart of Darkness
  • The Long Nite
  • World Domination
  • The Guild (Second Edition)
  • Discworld: All Along the Botchtower
  • A Rich Man's Folly
  • Child's Play
  • The Whole Armour

General Fantasy

Modules include:

  • Adventura I: Valley of Shadow
  • A Mid-level Crisis
  • Battle of the Djinns
  • Beneath the Sorcerer's Tower
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water (Shaun Hately)
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water (Dorateen)
  • Charr's Challenge
  • Coming of the Overlords
  • Curse Of The Fire Dragon
  • The T'Aerrhym Host
  • Hearkenwold
  • Hearkenwold II
  • One Last Hurrah
  • Paladin 1: The Restoration of Gundahab
  • Paladin 2: The Merchant League
  • The Crumpton Uprising
  • The Bell and the Staff
  • The Goblins of the Shining Eye
  • The Horrid Hag Of Hom
  • The Ice Storm
  • The Shades
  • The Sect
  • The Voice of Vengeance
  • 'Tis the Season
  • Tomb of the Overseers
  • When Solitude Remains


Modules include:

  • The Library of Segrob
  • Something's Cooking
  • Nightmare
  • House Of Shades
  • A Story About a Couple of Towns
  • The Preservation of Arthur's Seat
  • Shimmer and Mote: Relics of Light and Shadow
  • The Last Days of Sumeria
  • Calling of the Winds, Chapter 1: Shadow Over the Lands
  • Taelgar: The Awakening
  • Mordenkainen's Adventure
  • Temple of Votishal
  • Mystery at Claystone by Troubador
  • Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon
  • Save The Gnolls
  • Legendry -- Prelude to Glory
  • Dark Minstrel
  • To Catch A Thief
  • Slave To The Imperials
  • Quest for the Elven Blade
  • The Death of Joan van Wyndham
  • The Great Dark
  • Haunted: The Belltower
  • Ghost of Greyhawk Manor
  • City of Gold

UA Serial Mod Project

Modules include:

  • SM1: Memory Of Fallen Friends
  • SM2: Heroes Are Born
  • SM3: Mutiny!
  • SM4: The Price of Gold
  • SM5: A Summoning of Souls

Gold Box Companion

The Gold Box Companion is compatible with Unlimited Adventures and can be used both with the packed in game module or any of the user modules.