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Each eXo project includes a setup file. Originally named just "Setup.bat", these files have been renamed in later versions to prevent them from overwriting each other in the event of a merge.


File Check

The first step of the setup file is to check for the presence of all required files. This includes the :

  • (located in .\eXo\util\)
  • ! (located in .\eXo\Content\)
  • (located in .\eXo\Content\)
  • (located in .\eXo\Content\)

The setup file *will* allow you to set up the pack without the file, however it will warn you that it is missing and clarify that you will have no front end without it.



The first file extracted is This file contains all of the files related to the front end, however none of the actual project data is stored here. This allows LaunchBox to be updated without affecting the project.


The second file is the metadata used by Launchbox. This file tends to be rather large as it contains


eXoDOS currently has 9 magazines archived during time periods that relate to the platform. Details can be found on the Magazines page.


This file contains all of the scripts required to launch each game, as well as any extra files associated with the game. This includes

Clean Up

After extracting the setup file looks for old versions of files and removes them. It then begins to extract various modules needed for the project.


The file expands to the .\eXo\util folder.


.\eXo\mt32 folder This folder contains the rom files needed in order to emulate the Roland MT-32 soundcard. Sound Cards#Roland MT-32


.\eXo\SHADERS This folder contains shader files for the Alternate Launcher. This includes curved CRT scan line affects and other fun filters.


.\eXo\ScummVM ScummVM resides in this folder, along with an SVN build.


.\eXo\dosbox The DOSBox page contains specific details on the versions of DOSBox within this folder. Other files of note in this folder include:


.\eXo\Update\ The Updater page contains detailed information on this module.

Adult Games

The setup file will prompt the user to see if they wish to remove access to "adult" games within LaunchBox. This does not remove any actual files from the disk. Rather, it simply replaces the XML file that LaunchBox uses with one that has had the adult games removed. Adult games, for the purpose of eXo projects, are defined as those that had nudity are sexual situations. It does not include those which contain overt violence. Re-running the setup file and will provide a chance to change this setting and make a different choice.

Initial Global Options

At this point you may set the global options for all games within the project. These options are stored in the options.conf file in the DOSBox folder. At any time these options can be changed by either re-running the initial project setup and choosing to re-confgiure, or by running any games Installer and choosing to modify the global values.

Screen Size

This is a simple choice of full screen versus windowed.

Window Resolution

This affects the size of your window if you have chosen windowed mode above. Choices are: Small desktop resolution (less than 1080) Medium desktop resolution (1080) Large desktop resolution (4k)

To be clear, the window sizes are not the same as the desktop resolution. Rather, these are window sizes chosen to best fit the noted desktop resolution. In order to preserve the proper scale of the screen, window sizes have been chosen that natively scale to the game's original desktop resolution.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio may be turned ON or OFF. Aspect ratio is generally recommended to be on. Most MS-DOS games were designed to be played on a 4:3 ratio monitor. Without aspect ratio enabled, this screen size is generally stretched out to fit to full width of todays 16:9 ratio screens. This leads towards distortion, such as circles becoming ovals or characters appearing to be "fat". Enabling aspect ratio will place black bars on the sides of the screen (when in full screen) to preserve the proper pixel size and shape.

Project Updating or Reconfiguring

Running the project setup file after the project has already been extracted will provide a prompt to either re-extract\update the project or to re-configure the existing project.

Project Update

This choice will re-extract the project over the existing files. This will replace any old files, however it does not remove unused files.


This simply skips all of the extraction steps and takes you directly to the prompts related to the #Initial Global Options and the #Adult Games choice.